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This project was made for "procedural generation" jam, but now I want to impove it and add more content and gameplay features.

Lootworld - a voxel indie game with roguelike and old school FPS elements. Started out as a Minecraft clone, but without the emphasis on mining, building or crafting. The game does include this sort of mechanics, but only as an optional feature. The gameplay is primarily focused on exploration, fighting monsters and - of course - sweet, sweet loot.

Other features included in the current version of the game are:

  • random room generation;
  • classic FPS combat mechanics (no need to reload, cover behind corners or aim down the sights);
  • permadeath.

Planned for future releases (no exact date of implementation yet):

  • open world;
  • fully destructible terrain;
  • campaign mode and sandbox mode;
  • coop multiplayer.

version 0.4.1 (june 22 2019)

  • 25 new rooms;
  • new melee weapon - sword;
  • new monster - bloodsucker;
  • new object - upgrade station;
  • 5 player augmentations;
  • some minor tweaks.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags3D, FPS, Procedural Generation, Roguelike

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This is great ! I like First person shooters with procedural generations, but hate roguelike FPSs due to their heavy RPG elements. I like this one for simply focused on shooting, looting, and explorations.

I suggest to improve the gunplay by adding more effects to the gun firing, spawning more enemies with guns, and Add a short stun for them when they got shot like the enemies in classic FPS games did. Since It's a shooter, gunplay is the most important part of the game after all.

Adding more various environments to the random map generation and making it endless with keep increasing difficulty would be fine too. 

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Thank you for your comment! Currently I'm working on new weapons and enemies for the game so it would feel more like old PC shooters.

This has been made available at the same time myself and the kids have been chatting about the a certain other game and I just had to play this. Really nicely put together and I had a good 5 or so plays. Well done.


Thanks for the feedback! Great walkthrough :)

This takes me back to the XBLA days and that's not a bad thing. The only bad thing being that the movement is very jerky.